Keepsakes that provide a lifetime of cherished memories…

Put your favorite band, school logo, business logo, or sports team on your keychain and into your pocket, school bags, and napsacks. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. These unique and original dual-sided clear plastic keychains hold two photos (one on each side), or a single photo with a custom insert that we personalize just for you. A metal key ring is attached, and the pictures can be easily accessed and interchanged

In addition to keychains, choose from these specialized novelty items:

  • Snow Globes
  • Compact Mirrors
  • Photo Viewers
  • Frames
  • Desk Sets
  • Greeting Cards
  • Sports Items
  • Calendars
  • Clocks
  • Mugs
  • Much more!
All Foto-items accommodate one photo &
your personalized greeting or logo

Foto Sno-Globes make fantastic gift items for any occasion. Use them simply for a place setting, or have your guests bring them up to the Magnet Man and watch it transform into a truly unique Foto Sno-Globe with their picture sitting securely inside of a snowstorm. Double-sided Sno-Globes have your guests’ pictures on one side and a specialized insert of your event on the opposite. Available in horizontal and vertical, and single- or double-sided.

You’ll be amazed by the keepsakes we have available for your special occasion. There is truly something for everyone! Both kids and adults alike will be happily surprised with what they walk away with to remember the occasion.

Contact us today for more information about how we can make your next event something truly special.