Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose FotoMagic for your event?

A: FotoMagic specializes in customer service, quality control, and original event services. We guarantee to exceed your expectations and make your occasion truly something to remember. Our products have been entertaining families for years, and our service enhances your event to make it even more special! Our professional state-of-the-art equipment is updated regularly, ensuring that we are on the cutting edge of the event services industry.

Q: Do you bring props with you? If so, is there an additional charge?

A: (1) Yes. We provide props, which are designed to entertain children and adults alike – and they do! (2) No, there is no additional charge for our props. They go with us everywhere!

Q: Do you charge for travel and required set-up times?

A: No. There are no hidden travel fees included with our services. We arrive approximately one (1) hour before the scheduled event start time for set-up. The clock starts at the beginning of your event or at the time of the first photo taken, whichever is first.

Q: Do you move with your equipment from one location to the next? For example, our cocktail hour is being held in a reception hall, but the ceremony is in another building. If so, is there an additional fee?

A: (1) Yes. We provide our services in more than one location, provided there is (a) sufficient time to relocate, and (b) enough room in both locations for us to perform our work. Relocation must be agreed upon prior to the event. Please let us know how many locations you intend to use so we can provide an accurate quote. (2) In some circumstances, there may be an additional charge for relocation. Please provide as many details as possible on our contact form.

Q: Is it possible to have black-and-white magnets but color Foto-keychains?

A: Yes. We use one printer for magnets and another for keychains, so either can be printed in black-and-white or color and both can be printed instantly!

Q: I have attended several events where you provided your services. I noticed that sometimes you only had one assistant, but other times you had two. Can you please explain? Also, is there an additional fee for more than one assistant?

A: (1) Sometimes more than one assistant is required because of the number of attendees and the overall size of the event. We want to prevent long lines so your guests can enjoy themselves at your event. (2) If an additional assistant is required (or requested), an additional fee is charged for the extra magnets as well as the assistant because we produce magnets at a faster rate.

Q: We are having a candle lighting ceremony and don’t need you to take photos during that time. Can you stop and re-start later?

A: Our rate begins at the beginning of your event or at the time of the first photo taken, whichever is first, and runs continuously until the end of the event. We attempt to take photos during important ceremonial times, such as candle lighting, and make magnets from those photos. However, low lighting conditions sometimes do not permit for qualty photography. Also, we do not want to conflict with the primary event photographer. If this is a concern, please discuss with us prior to the event.

Q: Can you add borders or special effects, such as titles and logos, to the photos you take?

A: Yes. Using the latest digital technology, we offer over 100 special digital effects to enhance our color photos. Some of our effects include heart shapes, spotlights, various animations, titles, borders, green screen background effects, and much more. We can put you in Paris or on a beach with your name or a quote across the top!

Q: How much space do you require, and is there anything we need to provide in order for you to perform your services at our event?

A: A space of approximately 12′ x 16′ is required to perform our services. We also require an electrical outlet within 75 feet of the table. In our experience, a corner area of a room is the best location.

Q: How long does it take to produce a photo?

A: Black-and-white photos only take two (2) seconds to develop. Color photos take twelve (12) seconds, a bit longer but still lighting fast! For larger events, we use an additional printer, which reduces our photo developing time in half.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: We charge an hourly rate with a minimum of four (4) hours on weekends. This rate includes unlimited FotoMagnets for the time we are there. Additional keepsakes, such as keychains and snow globes, are individually priced and in addition to the fee charged for FotoMagnets.